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v0.9.0 Update

These are the changes introduced by the v0.9.0 update. View the full changelog here.

Update Function Signature

This feature allows you to change a function’s signature and apply those changes to the function’s declaration/definition. See the documentation for this code-action here. NOTE, this feature is a bit more advanced than other features of C-mantic and bugs are expected. If you do find a bug, please open an Issue on Github. Steps to reproduce the bug are preferred, but if you cannot reproduce it then describe the scenario as best you can.

Similar to other C-mantic code-actions, this one has a setting to disable it (Code Actions: Enable Update Function Signature). Unlike those other settings though (which only prevent the light-bulb menu from suggesting them), this setting completely disables this feature (cannot be accessed from the Refactor... menu). The reason for this decision is because this feature takes a bit more background processing than other code-actions in order to cache locations of declarations/definitions and track changes to function signatures. This extra work isn’t anything substantial, but it is there. If your computer can compile C/C++ at any reasonable pace then you should not notice any performance impact. Still, it’s nice to have the option to disable features that aren’t used and aligns with the principle of “Don’t pay for what you don’t use”.

Add Include

Add Include has been enhanced to list completion suggestions when you start typing in the input box. See the documentation here.


  • This website can be opened directly from VS Code through the Refactor... and Source Actions... menus.

  • Fixed another bug when determining if an existing header guard matches the configured settings.